Thinking Of Having The Synthetic Lawn? Here Is What You Need To Know

Synthetic lawn

Synthetic lawn has become popular more than ever and even the big sports arenas are also using the synthetic turfs in their stadiums. It is preferred on the natural grass for many reasons. Although it depends on the usage and the requirement that whether the natural lawn is the better option or the synthetic lawn in sydney. But if you do decide to make an investment in the synthetic lawn then there are some things you need to think of before you buy one.


One of the most important factor in deciding to have the synthetic lawn is that how many people will move on it on daily basis because there are different qualities in the synthetic lawn grass and if you decide to settle on low quality which is not designed to bear heavy traffic then it would get damage sooner and your investment will be wasted. Best synthetic lawn is the one which is durable, soft, natural looking and not abrasive so that the kids could play outside easily being comfortable and safe at the same time.

Quality of the product:

The materials used for the synthetic lawn grass are usually polyamide, yarns of polyethylene or sometimes both of these are combined. The synthetic lawn grass should be good quality no matter from what material is made, its turf should be even and colour should be consistent. It is better to have the quality product one time than having to spend on this every now and then when it gets worn down.

Length and height:

The area that you would be covering from the synthetic lawn grass needs to measured accurately and once you do measure it, estimate the rolls of the synthetic lawn grass that you would be needing. It is better to have a little extra because sometimes measurements could have some error and it is possible that you end up cutting some part of the synthetic lawn wrongly during the installation. The height of the synthetic lawn is also essential; it would help you understand how soft it is.

Weight and density:

The density of the synthetic lawn is actually the total number of the yarns in a square foot area of the turf. The synthetic lawn which has higher density is said to be more durable but these are expensive, although there are different manufactures who may offer varying discounts on these and you could search for the reasonable density in reasonable price. Same is the case with the weight, if there are more yarns and the density is higher this means that the synthetic lawn will have more weight.

Similarly, there are number of other things as well that you should look which includes the infill and backing of the synthetic lawn as well as the colour because it has different shades of the green, choose the one which you prefer. Please visit for more information.